Basic Traditional Pedicure - $35
Just need a quick, "feel good" fix for your feet? This pedi covers the Basics: foot soak, nail prep, exfoliating sugar scrub, light callus removal, foot massage and regular polish. (Be aware that regular polish takes about 2 hours to dry completely, so wear your flip flops for a while after!)

Spa Pedicure - $45
(With gel polish upgrade - $63)
Get just a little more pampering! This pedi includes all of the Basics PLUS a moisturizing paraffin wax treatment for your dry feet, a detox mask and a hot towel wrap for your tired legs.

Gel Polish Pedicure - $53
(With paraffin and hot towels - $63)
Need to walk out with something more durable than regular polish? This is our Basic pedi with a beautiful gel polish of your choice. An added benefit is that the Gel is dry as soon as we are done!

Jelly Pedi -$60
(With gel polish upgrade - $77)
As you enjoy the massage chair for your back, your feet will soak in a warm detox jelly bath. Your legs are rubbed down with the jelly as we add more warm water and start the jet. We then perform a Spa pedicure (which includes paraffin wax & hot towels) finishing with a relaxing foot massage and regular polish.

Chrome/Glitter Chrome Pedi -$60
This takes our Gel Polish Pedicure and adds a "Wow!" factor with an extra shinny Chrome special effect! Choose between a holographic sparkle or a sleek polished look. Or go for our metallic Glitter Chrome finish over the Gel Polish, which adds an extra sparkly effect over and above the chrome.
Talk about "EXTRA!".

Volcano Pedi -$70
Take it to the next level of luxury with a warm carbonated foot soak that softens and detoxifies while we massage your arms and hands. Then enjoy a Spa Pedicure that is finished with our shiny and durable Gel Polish.

Deluxe Pedi -$90
This is The Works! Choose between a Jelly Bath or a Volcano foot soak. Get your hands dipped in warm paraffin as your feet luxuriate in the warmth. Enjoy our Spa Pedicure and the added benefit of a Hot Stone massage. When you walk out with our shiny Gel Polish adorning your toes, it will all be worth it!


These services can be added to any pedicure.

Hot Stone Massage - $15
Paraffin Wax Treatment - $7
Mask & Hot Towels - $7
Gel Polish - $18
Chrome and Gel Polish - $30
Chrome to Gel Polish - $12
Glitter Chrome and Gel Polish - $30
Glitter Chrome to Gel Polish - $12
Extra Callus Removal - $10
Acrylic toenails -
Full set - $30
Big toes only - $12
One toenail only - $6
Fill on all toes - $20
Pink & White French polish - add $7

Acrylic Nails

First time removal - $10

Full Set:

Clear - $40
Color - $43
Clear w/ Gel Polish - $48
Ombre -$50
French - $50

White/Natural - $38
Clear acrylic with Gel Polish - $50
Pink & White acrylic - $50
French (white, color, glitter) - $53
Ombre - $53
Crystal w/ colored acrylic - $60

Colored acrylic - $65
French (white, color, glitter) - $75
Ombre - $75
Clear w/ Gel Polish - $75
Nail Art Is Extra $


Fill an Overlay - color or clear - $35
Fill on Tips - white or natural - $35
Fill Clear with Gel Polish - $45
Fill a French or Ombre - $35
Backfill (fill the pink AND white) - $45

Reshape after shortening - add $5
Repair - $4 - $6 per nail
(1 repair included with a fill)
Nail Art is Extra $

Special Effects

(Over Acrylic, Dip or Natural nails or toenails)

Special Shape - add $5
(round, oval, almond, stiletto, coffin, ballerina, lipstick, etc)

Extra length on acrylic or dip extensions - add $5 -$10

Extra color or custom color - add $5
(Accent, gradient, etc.)

Cat's Eye Gel
2 - 4 nails-add $15
5 - 10 nails-add $15 - $25
(at the Artisan's discretion)

2 nails - add $5
10 nails - add $12

Loose or Custom Glitter
add $3 -$12

Glow-in-the-Dark (dip or gel)
2 nails-add $5
10 nails -add $10

Nail Art

Simple 2 -color design
2 - 4 nails - add $7
5 - 10 nails-add $15

3 or more color design
2 - 4 nails-add $15
5 - 10 nails - add $25
(at the Artisan's discretion)

Crystals - add $2 - $25 per nail
(at the artisan's discretion)

Stamp Art/Stickers/Decals/Foil Transfers
2 nails-add $5
10 nails-add $10

Dipping Powder

First time removal - $10
(We do not fill Dipping Powder sets)

New Color

one color on natural nails - $40
one color with tips - $48
French on natural nails - $48
French on tips - $50
Ombre on natural nails - $48
Ombre on tips -$50
Nail Art is Extra $
(We do not fill dipping powder sets.)

Gel Polish

First time removal - $5
Color Gel Polish Manicure - $35
(includes a Dry Manicure)

French Gel Polish Manicure - $40
(includes a Dry Manicure)

Deluxe Gel Manicure - $45
(includes warm water soak and paraffin treatment)
Nail Art is Extra $

Natural Nails

Basic Natural Nail Manicure - $25
(includes warm water soak, cuticles pushed & nipped, clip free edge, file shape, buff, massage, and regular polish)

Dry Manicure - $20
(Russian style cuticle work, clip, file shape, buff and regular polish)

Deluxe Natural Nail Manicure - $35
(includes warm water soak, cuticles pushed & nipped, clip free edge, file shape, buff, paraffin treatment, massage and regular polish)

Deluxe Dry Manicure - $28
(Russian style cuticle work, clip, file shape, buff, heat therapy, massage and regular polish)
Nail Art is Extra $


Can be added to any other nail services.

Paraffin Hand treatment - add $7
(hands dipped in hot paraffin wax and wrapped in mitts, allowed to cool, and then massaged)

Heat Therapy treatment - add $7

Polish Change

(nails or toes)

(includes removal of old color, file and buff only)
Gel Polish change - $22
Gel French polish change - $27
Gel Polish Change on Acrylic - $28 (French - $33)
Regular Polish Change - $15