Sheila Gilmore

owner and operator

Sheila is owner and nail artisan at the Texas Nail Goddess Salon with 14 years of professional experience and 21 years of total nail experience. Sheila has done close to 40,000 sets of nails throughout her career. She specializes in manicures, pedicures, dipping powder, acrylic nails, nail art, special effects, and gels. She loves extra long nails with glitter, fun colors, and lots of bling. Her favorite part about nails is the different people she gets to meet and the relationships built. "We're not just artists, we're encouragers, therapist, and a warm hug," Sheila says. Her greatest lesson learned over the years is to talk less and listen more. She believes that an artisan doesn't do just nail art, an artisan creates beautiful nails. We are thrilled to have Sheila lead our team.

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Tiana Evans

manager and nail artisan

Tiana is manager and nail artisan at the Texas Nail Goddess Salon with nearly 9 years of professional working experience. Tiana earned her cosmetology license at Abilene High School and her degree in Business Management from Abilene Christian University. For the first five years of her career she worked in day spas, and thereafter transitioned into the "nail world." Tiana specializes in all types of pedicures, manicures, dipping powder, acrylic nails and nail art. She enjoys abstract art, line work, and bright colors. A few of her favorite parts about the nail industry are the continuous changes, being able to express herself through creativity, and the different people she's been able to meet. "I love to be able to make clients feel beautiful while expressing myself artistically all at the same time," she says. We are pleased to be able to have Tiana on our team!

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Grace Combs

nail artisan

Grace is a nail artisan at the Texas Nail Goddess Salon with 2 and a half years of experience. She specializes in pedicures, dipping powder, coffin shaped nails, glitter customization, and color coordination. Her favorite part about the nail industry is meeting new people and getting to learn new things about them. "I feel like I can express myself while the client is expressing themselves," Grace says. Her greatest lesson in being a nail tech is to be patient and not letting the little things bother her. The most important client is the one in front of you (from Sheila). Grace started doing nails because she enjoyed getting her own nails done and wanted to bring the same joy to others while being creative at the same time. Grace loves working at the Texas Nail Goddess Salon because of the work environment, it's more controlled, and being a slower paced studio salon. We are excited to have Grace on our team.

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